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(+372) 513 6334 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Lageda tee 35, Pärnamäe küla, Viimsi vald, Harjumaa 74020
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Bench WORKER – lift, work table and bench

An aluminum platform cart which turns into a work table and a bench (four-in-one)

This aluminum machine-tool has steel and PVC components and a revolutionary design, allowing it to be turned into a bench or two types of lifts. Designed for those looking for a professional and home-friendly versatile toolkit.
A single product for multiple uses that fits well both at home and in the car.
Helps save money and space.

Machine-tool: main function of the product. Ergonomic height – 80 cm. Detachable wood surface with graphics for measuring angles and a metric scale to facilitate measurement and cutting. Opening F for drilling.

Aluminum bench transforms into a work bench or a platform cart.

Button and support equipped telescopic systems make Worker an easily transformable tool. In just a few seconds, it can be transformed from the main position into a platform that can move any type of load. The platform cart is a great help in getting the necessary things from the car to the work place.

Four rotating wheels (two with brakes) allow transportation of anything on a level ground.

If you insert a cord throw in the cord slit, you can use the platform cart as a trailer and transport large bulk cargoes.

Worker’s support legs can also be adjusted to different heights allowing working on stairs or other uneven surfaces.

Worker’s height in bench position is 58 cm and its surface is slip-proof. The surface is slip-proof from reinforced plastic and the openings allow for sand, cement, lime, paint or any other materials to be dropped directly on the ground.

SOCKETS: Three sockets in the front part allow for easy use of electrical tools.

Max. 250 V 15 Ah

Hammering surface

The back of the table has a steel part that allows you to hammer without damaging the table.

Holder selection
The back of the table has an area with various holders for screws, nuts, a screwdriver, a saw and a hammer ensuring that everything is within reach and nothing falls off.

Pipe chute: the back of the table has a chute which makes the pipes easy to cut.

Ergonomic pull-out handle

To make the use of the cart as comfortable as possible, the handle is extendable.

Ergonomic fastening buttons

Just a press of the buttons can turn the work bench into a cart. When buttons are pressed, support legs may rotate and move together or apart.


  • Support surface dimensions: 113 x 47 cm
  • Transport dimensions: 113 x 58 x 7.5 cm
  • Package dimensions: 117 x 61 x 10.5 cm
  • Surface heights: 58 and 80 cm
  • Max. load capacity (working surface): 150 kg
  • Max. load capacity (bench): 150 kg
  • Max. load capacity (platform cart): 100 kg
  • Sockets: max 250 V 15 Ah
  • Weight 17 kg

User and maintenance instructions include all necessary guidelines. The user should read and follow the instructions. If the user ignores provided instructions, our company does not take any responsibility for potential consequences.