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Boat scaffolding and walkways

For boat, ships, it can be adjusted to different design without any investment

Each Boat and Ship maintenance unit should have one.

In Aluminum it is mounted on wheels, moving, opening and closing fast, allowing a 60 cm wide walkway around the perimeter of the boat for the construction and maintenance of rail, bow, stern and painting the waterline.
Operators can also work stepping on the boat, because the scaffold itself can be used as a protection in the event of a fall.

Thanks to a system of joints, the structure is adaptable (as a “snake”) to any boat regardless of its design.
This ingenious system allows the aluminum structure to adapt perfectly to the shape of each boat in minutes with a simple push of the operator. This allows to always have railings and walkways very close to the boat so that no one and nothing can fall to the ground. It also allow operators to be in a comfortable working position.

A system of telescopic legs allows the operator to follow the waterline which will be higher than the ground As you approach the bow of the boat.

With the purchase of a single structure the operator can assure the maintenance on any other boat of the same length (or less) regardless of the model and the shape.

• Constructed of lightweight aluminum alloy lightweight, durable and clean (not rust, does not oxidize). 5 year warranty.
• Rapid assembly (snap-on system for all components)
• Rapid movement (the entire structure is equipped with wheels with brake). After the boat is finished it is possibile to
opens the structure in any point and take it off while puting anogher boat inside.The whole structure can be moved by
one or two operators without effort.
• Fast control (the structure is quickly adaptable to any type of boat)
• Volume of reduced component: dismantled the entire structure takes up very little space
• Produced according to European standards.
• Saves money: a single structure for all models in the range
• Saves time: the use (common to most sites) of inadequate equipment for working at height
implies a commitment of times greater (less comfort) and elevates the risk of injury. This practice
raises business costs more than a single ad-hoc investment that will last forever.
• All welds are certified according to European standards ISO9000 UNI EN287 / ENISO9606 1/2.

Each structure can be purchased step by step and is suitable for all investment opportunities:

1) Complete structure: structure walkway that covers the total perimeter of the boat for easy access and a continuous work

2) Half structure: structure walkway that covers 50% of the perimeter of the boat and then be moved to work on the other 50%.

3) Partial structure walkway consists of a few modules (on request) covering specific areas of the boat and that need to be moved more often.

Each structure is modular and can be expanded later.
It is ideal for painting and maintenance of the sides of the boat.
It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy tube ø 50 mm.

Available width: 0.74 m
Modular lengths available: 2.00 m – 2.30 to 3.00
Capacity: Kg 200/mq (including 2 people)
Steps: 30 cm
nylon wheels with polyurethane cover injected anti-fingerprint,
Wheel diameters available: mm 125 – 150 – 200, equipped with dual brake pedal
Adjustable legs available: cm 15 – 40 – 70
Frames available: steps 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7
Warranty: 5 years

User’s Manual and certificate of compliance with current regulations.
Identification label.


Decking with aluminum armor and wooden marine plywood with toe, manhole hook and windproof. The wood is painted and slip-resistant.

For components description see TEMPO TECH Professional Aluminium Scaffolds.

All components are marked with the year of manufacture and logo Svelt as required by European standard.