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(+372) 513 6334 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Lageda tee 35, Pärnamäe küla, Viimsi vald, Harjumaa 74020
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Modum Access

Special access foldable system

Modum Access is a system of Access unique and innovative. It consists of anodized aluminum ladders that, when not in use, they seem a gutter, are camouflaged and not “dirty” the aesthetics of the building’s facade. Each ladder is fixed to the wall of the building in a stable, safe and “invisible”. In case of need the ladder opens in a few seconds by operating a zipper opening placed on the ground.
Modum Access is equipped with a safety lock with two keys so that access is allowed only to authorized personnel. Modum opens and stops within seconds for a quick and secure access. The ladder opens downward and remains in position due to the force of gravity and the weight of the person.

The ladder of Modum Access are produced in anodized aluminum with stainless steel screws so resistant to weathering and not attacked by rust. The Modum system has been tested by TÜV GS for a flow rate of 500 kg per meter. The scale is extremely stable and robust and can easily be fitted by anyone.

When closed, the ladder has the dimensions of a gutter and can be supplied in various colors so as to be perfectly compatible with the color of the facade. Various accessories allow the ladder to climb over obstacles of the façade as frames, window sills, or steps to prevent access to the roof.

MODUM ACCESS can only be open at ground level to rise. If you need a quick evacuation staircase that opens from the top floors down to see MODUM SYSTEM. For a mixed system that groups 2 stairs getting a scale for both the access and the rapid evacuation see MODUM WIRE.

• Profile rungs mm 34×31
• Capacity: 500 Kg per meter
• Space-ramp closed: 83×47 mm
• Step rungs: 300 mm
• Internal width ramp: 398 mm
• Weight per meter: 3,15 kg

• Made of anodized aluminum
• Simple installation
• Labels and manual of use and maintenance
• Carton box