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(+372) 513 6334 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Lageda tee 35, Pärnamäe küla, Viimsi vald, Harjumaa 74020
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PC 50 Tools Autoclean H

PC50 Tools Autoclean H

A powerful vacuum cleaner, H class certified following the EU standard 60335,  with high efficiency by-pass motor and connection to electric powertools. It vacuums the thinnest cancerogenic and patogenic dusts produced by any manufacturing process, leaving the environment free from residues and suspended particles. Must be used only from trained people and the disposal of the debris must be done in conformity with the local laws. A simple electrical connection by means of an electronically controlled outlet, allows the two connected devices to respond to a single command in perfect synergy. During the cleaning session, the “AUTOCLEAN” function shakes the filter each 50 seconds and for 8-10 seconds at the end of the job to clean it efficiently. If necessary, the function can be manually activated, without stopping the appliance. Powerful and compact with an innovative design, the PC 50 TOOLS guarantees a considerable time savings.

Technical specifications
Product code 99 730BEG
Voltage rating V~ 220-240
Hz frequency 50/60
MAX power rating W 1200
Motor insulation class
Appliance insulation class I
Power rating at power tool plug W 2000
Rated capacity l 50
Drum material PE-HD
MAX vacuum mbar 220
MAX airflow (approx) m3/h 210
Motor type Two-stage Bypass


Filtering system
Cartridge filter, “H” class.
PP pre-filter (optional)
Anti-foam filter
Washable reusable fabric bag (optional)


Accessories ø 45 mm
1. Swivel hose for power tools with universal adapter connection
2. Flexible hose with swivel connections
3. Dusting brush
4. Crevice tool
5. Blocking ring for power tool cord
6. Chrome steel curved extension wands
7. Industrial carpet brush
8. Industrial floor brush
9. Industrial brush for liquids