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PC 50 Tools Evolution


With any electric tool, whatever material is
being worked, the PC 50 Tools Evolution
instantly vacuums up the finest dusts, leaving the work
surface free from residues and suspended particles.
With a 50 liter drum and a high efficiency w/cup motor,
it works in perfect synergy with the electric tool,
thanks to a simple electrical connection
through an electronically controlled outlet.
At the end of the cleaning session, the filter is
vibrated for 8-10 seconds to clean it efficiently
(this option can also be manually activated).
A new, practical, useful, high efficiency system
to revolutionize work methods, with great time savings.

Technical specifications – PC 50 TOOLS Evolution
Product code 99 014BEG
Voltage rating V~ 220-240
Hz frequency 50/60
IEC power rating W 1200
Automatic filter shaker W 48
Motor insulation class
Appliance insulation class I
Power rating at power tool plug W 2000
Automatic device for suction extension t/sec 8÷10
Rated capacity l 50
Drum material PE-HD
MAX vacuum mbar 220
MAX airflow m3/h (approx) 180
Motor type High-efficiency w/cup


Filtering system
Double-layer paper filter bag, IFA”M” cat.
Cartridge filter, IFA “M” Cat.
Anti-foam filter
Washable reusable fabric bag (optional)


Accessories ø 45 mm – PC 50 TOOLS evolution
1. ø 45 mm flexible hose with ergonomic grip
2. ø 36 mm flexible hose with swivel connections
3. Extension wands
4. Multidiameter sleeve for electric tools
5. Blocking ring for power tool cord
6. Combined brush frame
7. Wet nozzle
8. Hard floor insert
9. Crevice tool