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(+372) 513 6334 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Laki 6, 10621 Tallinn, Harju maakond
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Modular walkways

For roofs, machinery, rooflight or Eternit reclamation

Custom-made walkways for roofs, machinery, rooflight or Eternit reclamation . Temporary ways made by aluminium
gangways which allow safe walk on fragile or slippery roofs or work in inaccessible areas. They are rust prof and equipped
with non-slip knurled platform. They are easy to assemble, light and can be installed on preexistent structures. On request
they can be supplied with one (left or right) or both guardrails.
(designed and produced just for protection and safety of men at work)

Walkways can be:
1) Modular or custom-made
2) With or without left or right guardrails
3) – Standard length 600 mm
– Special width on request: 700/800/900/1000 mm
– Custom-made width
4) With standard modular length 2 and 3 m
– Modules can be hooked one to another
– Custom-made lengths
5) Great allowance which permits good fitting to cambers or imperfections of the surface

Note: compact dimensions for easy transport

Svelt walkway are designed to be used totally adhered to flat or slightly inclined surfaces
or adhering to supports with a max centre to centre distance of 1500 mm and a
capacity of max 100 kg every linear meter (distributed). For particular requirements (for
example centre to centre distance > 1500 mm), please ask for a quotation specifying
special requests such as walkway dimensions, distance between supports, capacity,
place of use.

Walkways can be tailor-made according to the required length. We can plan fixing
points suitable for flat or inclined surfaces (also on walls).
Walkways are not designed to install safe lines systems.

These products are produced according to ISO 9000 andMODULAR WALKWAYS to UNI EN 287/1 and EN ISO 9602/2.
Our welders and welding machines are periodically examined by an approved lab who issues a license
when they pass functionality, ability and precision tests.
Our suppliers of row materials are certified according to ISO9001.
Our products are welded with TIG method.

SVELT WALKWAYS are designed according to local regulations.