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(+372) 513 6334 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Laki 6, 10621 Tallinn, Harju maakond
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Compact Electrical Multi-pourpose material lift

Compact multi functional lifter with manual traction and electric hoist. Column elevation in aluminum bending controlled. Available with a capacity of 200 kg (up 1.5 m height) and of 100 kg from 1.5 to 2.0 m lifting height.
2 batteries sealed lead / acid and 12V 38Ah battery charger on board.
Nine standard accessories are applicable, including forks, platform spurs, rotobobine, roller conveyor, inc.,
While other applications, lifts and dimensions are available on request according to the real needs of the user.
There is also vesion in Aisi 304 stainless steel for food or chemical environments.
A great working tool suitable for all operators who need to raise various types of equipment.
Convenient, quick to use and multifunction.

Collection, transport and set-stock of miscellaneous heavy. The firm at the end of the roller ensures the safe transport
SCOPE: hospitals, engineering firms, logistics, retail outlets of various material.

To move molds or equipment
SCOPE: Enterprises engineering

Management and reel handling of any material, from film to labeling and packaging to the plate.
SPUR: take the coil off the ground or from a pallet and place it elsewhere (machine or shelf, or other), with the inner core of the coil occupied 100% by the spur.
SPUR WITH ROLLS: thanks to the rollers, compared to only spur offers more ease to let the coil in the spur, if the coil is to slide on the spur. It has a safety lock to prevent the reel bait.
WHEEL COIL: take the coil from the vertical position (from the ground or pallet) and turn effortlessly in a horizontal position, to put it in the car or on a shelf (core coil occupied only partially by the “nose” of the rotobobine)
CLAMP COIL: same uses to spur the soul but in the case of the coil must remain completely free, but there is room to “embrace” the coil externally
CRADLE FOR ROLLS: You can slide the coil on the cradle as an option that can also swivel.
SCOPE: Light industry, manufacturing, printing, engineering, pharmaceutical, large-scale production of food (pasta, sweets etc) and drinks (mineral water and various).

PLATFORM – FUNCTION: Work Plan or support for food, medicine, printing, hardware, various materials in boxes or jars (also available in stainless steel or with borders)
SCOPE: Hospitals, supermarkets, shops, hardware stores, printers, industry (in the service of automatic machines), packaging

Transportation / Loading / unloading of mini pallet (pallet means) or bulk material of various shapes and sizes.
SCOPE: Logistics and in all sectors, everywhere the effort for the operator to lift the goods, exceed the terms of the law.

Bingo can customize with accessories to suit the client needs.